Social Entrepreneurs
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As well our formal academic curriculum, Projecto Oceano also gets involved in a number of broader projects, involving the wider community. The focus of these activities is either to address a particular social issue prevalent on the island or for the sole purpose of getting young people together and involved around a shared goal or activity.
Activity Reports   
Girl's Football Tournament April 2009 By: Freddie Brunt

Cleaner Beaches Initiative June 2009 By: Freddie Brunt

Swimming Competition July 2009 By: Freddie Brunt

Social Debates July 2010 onwards By Margarida Ferreira

Language Classes February 2011 By: Margarida Ferreira

Newsletter 'Voz Jovem' February 2011 By: Max Opray

HIV Survey March 2011 By: Max Opray

Internal Renovation of the Project June 2011 By: James Rowles Nicholson

External Renovation of the Project February 2012 By: James Rowles Nicholson

Dia de Crainça (Children's Day) June 2012 By: Jessica Barratt

Nutrition Presentation June 2012 By: Jessica Barratt

Dia de Crainça (Children's Day) July 2013 By: Denny Newhouse

US Ambassador Visit to Projecto Oceano September 2013 By: Denny Newhouse

Dia de Crainça (Children's Day) June 2014 By: Carolina Menezes