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Ilha de Moçambique

Project Life

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The Projecto Oceano Classroom

Swimming Competition July 2009
Projecto Oceano initiated a swimming race along the west side of the island in July 2009. The race brought together 20 of the strongest swimmers on the Island swimming from the ‘Old Bridge’ opposite the museum to the Fort, a distance of just under 2 kms. As you can see from the photos, the event was a great success, with perfect weather, calm seas, good support, and a competitive race.
The Projecto Oceano Capoeira Group trains twice a week and competes every Sunday. Training takes places either on the beach or in the square depending on availability. The group has gone from strength to strength in recent months, having gained growing recognition and support during performances at the Island festival in 2010.

Foreign Language Classes

Social Debates 2010 - 2011
Social debates were incorporated into the project in 2009 as a way of providing a platform for the community of the Ilha de Moçambique to discuss issues relevant to their daily lives. The social debates have proved to be hugely successful and recently involved guest speakers being invited to introduce particular themes. Project Ocean was requested to initiate a series of social debates at the Island Museum for a period of 10 weeks in 2010 .

Football is the most popular sport on the island, but there are few organised sporting opportunities for the people of the Ilha de Mocambique to take part in. Consequently, Project Ocean organised and ran a girl’s football tournament in 2009. The event was very popular with 8 teams, hugely competitive games and great community support, that ended with a grand final in near darkness.
Girl's Football Tournament April 2009

Cleaner Beaches Initiative June 2009
Ilha de Moçambique has some stunningly beautiful beaches that are hampered by the fact that large quantities of waste and rubbish are left on the beaches on a daily basis. Projecto Oceano highlighted the cleanliness of the beaches as an area where the project could contribute to the quality of the island. The programme involved a week of promotion around the island, raising the issue of waste disposal alternatives, then a morning spent collecting and disposing of the waste on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the Island.

Daniela Lima's Science Classes 2012
Daniela Lima joined Projecto Oceano at the beginning of October 2012 as a Science Intern focusing on Chemistry and Biology. She had a huge impact at the project over the following two months and has been a huge inspiration to the students at the project who have learnt a great deal through Daniela’s engaging, well prepared and fascinating classes on the subjects covering such topics as: The Big Bang Theory, Evolution, DNA, the Planets, as well as facilitating a number of wonderful practical experiments with the students.