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AZLera University Scholarship Recipients 2013
The AZLera University Scholarship is open to all project members at AZLera’s education programme on the Ilha de Moçambique – Projecto Oceano. Potential candidates undergo a rigorous selection process, incorporating a range or written and oral tests, as well as past academic performance and personal attributes. Successful candidates will be required to prove to AZLera’s management team that they have what is required to make the most of the opportunity that AZLera is offering and fulfil their potential to become a future leader in their field in Mozambique.

In line with Projecto Oceano’s strict curriculum, students are encouraged to pursue subjects that fit within Mozambique’s broader development agenda, including medicine, architecture, engineering, information technology and agriculture. However, depending on the situation and students’ personal preferences, other subjects are also considered on a case-by-case basis.
Name: Firoza Abdulcadre
University: UCM (Universidade Católica de Moçambique), Beira, Moçambique
Course: Medicine
Reports: Annual Report 2013 (Portuguese)

Firoza was awarded the first University Scholarship from AZLera in January 2013 to study Medicine at UCM in Beira. Firoza excelled during the selection process and is deserving recipient of the University Scholarship.

Firoza was one of the leading students at Projecto Oceano between the years of 2006 to 2012, before graduating from high-school and beginning her university career. For many years, Firosa was the only female member within Projecto Oceano’s core group. This experience helped Firoza develop the ability to stick up for her beliefs, a very important skill in a largely male-dominated society.

Firoza is highly intelligent, very articulate and personable. She is committed to the study of medicine and has great ambition to give back what she learnt to those in need in her community. To learn more about Firoza’s academic and professional ambitions please watch the following short video clip: Firoza 2012
Name: Manuel Domingos (Mingos)
University: ISCTEM (O Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique) Maputo, Moçambique
Course: Architecture
Monthly Reports: Annual Report 2013 (Portuguese)

Mingos was the second beneficiary of AZLera’s University Scholarship application for 2013. Mingos has been the heartbeat of the project in Mozambique for the last 7 years. He is energetic, charismatic, hard-working, dynamic, and a motivator of others.

Mingos is a thoroughly deserving winner of the award, not only as a result of his strong performance during the application process and his huge contribution to the project, but also because of his enormous desire and commitment to study architecture and be a leading thinking within the field.

Mingos undoubtedly has a very successful career ahead of him and his course at ISCTEM will enable him to realise his huge potential.

To understand more about Mingos’ academic and professional ambitions please watch the following short clip: Mingos 2012
Name: Naiza Langa
University: ISCTEM (O Instituto Superior de Ciências e Tecnologia de Moçambique) Maputo, Moçambique
Course: Medicine

Naiza was awarded the University Scholarship by AZLera in December 2013 to study Medicine at ISCTEM in Maputo. Naiza was the strongest candidate through the selection process and is fully deserving of the of the University Scholarship, with her studies beginning in February 2014.

Naiza was a leading student at the project throughout her time with Projecto Oceano. She received excellent reviews from our project managers, school teachers and colleagues alike, as well as achieving excellent final year exam results. She is a highly capable, confident and assured young lady that led numerous classes and activities at the project, including coordinating, research and writing up our social debates. Beyond teaching, Naiza stood apart from her peers in terms of her contribution to all project classes and activities, constantly demonstrating her intellect and desire to learn and lead.

Naiza has benefited hugely from the responsibility and opportunity given to her through Projecto Oceano and is now well positioned to go on and excel in her studies at University.

As well as being highly intelligent and able to interpret and analyze information effectively, she is also a generous and caring girl. This combination bodes well for her study and future work in the field of medicine.